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Cayo Perico Addon's levels.ymt file and MO_JIM_L00 value

  • After installing Cayo Perico Addon mod, and looking through the files it installs, I noticed many of my MLOs stopped working.

    After an entire wasted day, I found the levels.ymt file comes with Cayo Perico addon changes MO_JIM_L11 value to MO_JIM_L00. and since all the MLO and map mods have $level=MO_JIM_L11 value in their content.xml , they stopped working.

    If I don't install modified levels.ymt, then Cayo Perico doesn't load and all I see is an empty hole in the sea. I am using the South version because game doesn't recognize me in the island when I go there normally. So I am teleporting them with trainer and then game is playing the tropical island sounds there.

    Also weirdly enough, some MLOs were still working though, using their setup2.xml and content.xml layouts, I was able to load the none working ones with MO_JIM_L11 value.

    I tried editing the ymt and adding MO_JIM_L00 while keeping the MO_JIM_L11 too but that didn't work.

    I'm honestly not sure why it's not working with L11 cuz the second weird thingy is the content.xml inside mpheist4 is actually using MO_JIM_L11 :thinking: :thinking:

    Would there be a possible way to have the island spawned without having to use modified levels.ymt ? I know TrainerV has an option that enables Cayo Perico but it requires me to Enabling MP Maps which when I do is crashing the game :thinking:

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