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License Plate Changer mod

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/license-plate-changer

    mod was working great in my 1.50 game build. After updating to 1.57 mod is working in a randomized basis and improperly.

    I have the plate is set to "#???### " format (There is a space at the 8th digit to make the mod always put a space to the last character to create a 7 digit looking plate).

    However now the mod is working in 2 ways;

    1. Either every digit is a number (including the 8th digit as well)
    2. The plates using the correct format although having the 8th digit a letter instead of space.

    This is completely randomized and I couldn't able to force either way.

    Asking this since the source code was already shader, would it be possible to update this mod by any chance?

  • Nevermind I found a workaround by using my brain and thinking outside of the box.

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