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Some asis not showing at ScriptHookV.log

  • While I was checking ScriptHookV.log file to see is my asi file not compatible anymore, I couldn't see it in the log. The asi is working but not fully with the 1.57 game version.

    However while I was checking the log, I noticed there are many other .asi files are not in the log despite I updated them and they are fully working, such as NoBoundaryLimits.asi .

  • @MissySnowie

    It probably doesn't matter if they're not in the scripthookV.log but you should see all asi files in the asiloader.log.

    It likely has to do with whether they use native functions or not. For example SHVDN or an asi that uses natives to load or hide ipls.

    However you can check asiloader.log which for the new users here is created by the asiloader also known as dinput8.dll which comes with scripthookV as well as OpenIV.

    For example asi files such as the ones directly below can be found in asiloader.log but I don't think they will show up in scripthookV.log. AFAIK, these don't use native functions, they have other functions such as managing stability and memory or loading addons etc.


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