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ScripthookV backward compatibility?

  • Have a question bothering my head with this backward compatibility.

    I know Scripthook working with older game version but what about the .asi part?

    Let's say I have an .asi that doesn't work after 1.50 version of the game. So if I have the 1.50 game version installed but use 1.52 version Scripthook for example, would the asi still be able to work because my game version is 1.50, or would it not work because Scripthook version is above 1.50 ?

  • @MissySnowie
    I don't consider it backwards compatible because I've seen native functions fail because Rockstar has replaced them with different functions. Remember that Rockstar doesn't give a shit about whether mods will work afterwards or not. GTAO users will never know the difference, neither will non modders,

    Many programmers won't know the difference either because they tend to write with SHVDN rather than the less friendly natives.

    So all that to say old scripts, dll or asi, aren't guaranteed to work due to changes in RAGE including native functions. Having said that, it's more common for old dll scripts to break rather than asi, but ofc asi is less common.

    Contrary to most users I only update vanilla files, never any mods including SH5, heap, pack, and gameconfig.xml.

  • @MissySnowie
    Actually I might be wrong. I realize now that if both my game and SH5 are reverted and assuming the native database is properly updated, then that wouldn't explain why I often find obsolete functions. So there might be other dependencies.

    Try an older version of SH5, matching GTA5.exe ofc, and see what happens. However, unfortunately, asi or dll scripts do die with time. Even though I don't use script mods, the comment pages are littered with fails.

  • @JohnFromGWN True :( It's sad that they never got updated after a while and abandoned :(

  • @MissySnowie
    They definitely change the names, which obviously are in English, but not sure if they change the hashes which are of course incomprehensible when reading or writing code.

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