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GTAV not launching

  • Hello. So basically, this has happened 20 times before, and I have reinstalled each time.

    I go to play GTA 5 on Steam, and everything is good, it takes me to the rockstar launcher, but either the play on steam button just keeps canceling, or it works for a second, and cancels.
    I am running a fresh, unmodded GTA and I just hope somebody can help me. I can run FiveM fine, but nothing else. I currently uninstalled all things that can access it for the moment though, like Fivem, ETC.

  • @Ghost_Rider_207 said in GTAV not launching:

    this has happened 20 times before, and I have reinstalled each time.

    I'm really surprised, shocked really. From my considerable experience my game normally loads after the 15th reinstallation. I guess after the 14th attempt to re-download and install 100GB the nanobots that manage the OS just concede defeat.

    You could try 10 more times, you never know when it will finally work. The definition of intelligence is repeat the same thing over and over and you will be rewarded with a positive outcome.

    This is primarily a modding forum, so the best solution for a vanilla game is a verify integrity but you've gone medieval on the game already so:

    P.S. FiveM doesn't impact GTA5, but GTA5 can impact FiveM.

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