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[SCRIPT]/[MISC] real traffic variety

  • hey good people. i've been looking for a script/mod/guide to give real traffic variety for quite some time, is there anything i missed? not the usual popgroups edit etc., i've done all that... i think we all know after replacing most of the vanilla cars in-game, the traffic will only show 4-5 cars on the road, no matter how much you've tweaked the popgroups and vehicles.meta files. @alphazolam 's Traffic Spawner mod solved this problem initially and gave really diverse vehicles in traffic (i love it) but it has since not been updated.

    is there any mod out there that i missed? or any guide on tweaking other admin files to achieve this? appreciate the help!!!

  • im using alphazolams combined with lupens 8x density

  • @turtlevan i thought alphazolam's mod is not updated and cannot be used with the latest build? i tried but it didnt work... you have your game updated to the latest patch?

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