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A strange colored layer on my police transport

  • hi ,
    i experiment a strange bug on the police transport "policet" in x64e

    in order i first modded all the textures
    i check the police transport it was ok after that i put a lot of different mods like car pack model lspd by Captain 14 , World of variation ,Improved Lighting Pattern - v2.5 , visaul v natural vision etc etc ....
    since that my policet have a strange layer on who change the white color in a strange green

    you can see in this picture how is it now http://www.noelshack.com/2016-47-1479789960-gta5-2016-11-21-21-44-26.png

    but he suppose to be like this http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/47/1479790412-aaa.png

    so if someone have any idea , you are welcome ;)


  • It shows white in openiv because it doesn't have any Car Colour
    Ingame it shows green because it has a Green Car colour
    How to fix:
    A:Change the colour with Trainer to white
    B:Your texture should have Empty spaces in there
    fill the empty spaces with White colour

  • thx for reply i will try this with trainer
    but i made different test i remove only my update folder from /mods and the police transport have the right white color when i put it back i turne again green like this

  • Can u show me how to get done mods please I new

  • ok after the test with the trainer if i change the car color to white the skin are like it should be, so to fix this i need to find wich files determinate the colors of cars and find what i have to edite in it to keep my police transport to white !!

    someone lnow how to do that plz , thx ..

    Sosa1023 i don t get what you need .

  • no body have never experiment this kind of bug ?

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