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xbox 360 unique peds to pc version

  • I extracted ped models that only appears on Japanese xbox 360 version in the game.
    They are:
    csb_rufusbellows (Jack Howitzer show host. His model was cut from the pc version)
    csb_william (One of the Fame or Shame contestant. His model was also cut from the pc version)
    s_f_m_snowcop_02 (This character is female North Yankton cop. She never appears in the final game)
    s_f_y_snowcop_01 (Second NY female cop)
    But there is a problem. All of them in xbox file format. For example ydd is generic pc file format, for drawable dictionaries, but these models are in "xdd" file format. Same goes with fragment, metadata and texture dictionaries (xft,xmt,xtd).
    Is there a way to convert them into the pc ones. I can provide you this models.

  • The problem porting these models is that there's no tools that can fully extract the data from xbox 360, and by data i mean stuff like rigging or vertex paint, there's no problem with vertex paint but rigging is the worse part especially with both csb characters since they use cutscene face bones

    Though if anybody wants to give it a shot then feel free to, i can provide higher quality textures for William Angio which i made (unfortunately there's no source of his tattoo on the other arm so i didn't include it here)

    alt text

    It probably wouldn't be hard to do it for Rufus Bellow as well considering assets are reused left and right

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Yeah, looks like they reused William's tshirt for Trevor. Also looks like ULP agent reuses Rufus Bellows's suit.

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