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Vehicles.meta is broken? XML Parsing error

  • So I installed the Pagani Zonda M297 AMG V12 Engine sound mod,and I want to put this sound mod into bullet in vehicles.meta.
    But here comes the problem,when I add the m297zonda in vehicles.meta under bullet audionamehash and try to save the meta it says xml parsing error and I can't save it.
    I tryed to contact the mod creator on discord and on gta5-mods.com but he offline.
    What to do?

  • @Sanyika2004
    Your bullet's 'vehicles.meta' '<audioNameHash> line looks like this yeah?


          <animConvRoofWindowsAffected />
          <audioNameHash>m297zonda</audioNameHash> <!-- 'm297zonda' added here, no duplicate '<audioNameHash>' lines, just one -->
          <scenarioLayout />

    If you're still having issues after checking your work against that^, upload your 'vehicles.meta' to somewhere like https://www.mediafire.com/ & post the link here.
    I'll add the '<audioNameHash>m297zonda</audioNameHash>' line & send it back to you working etc :thumbsup:.

  • Holy shit it actually works all I needed to put the line you typed and it finally saved.
    Thank you so much!!!!

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