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GTA V Game Version Update - Please help.

  • Hi all.

    I have a normal legit GTA installed, which ofcourse has the latest updates.

    I also have another "copy" of GTA which I'll be using for just single player mods & experimenting etc. But for this I can only find GTA V copy with older game version/update of 2802 & not the latest 2845.

    Is there a way to update my GTA V single player version from 2802 to 2845? Can I use files from my current legit 2845 GTA to update my other 2802 GTA ?


  • @HashAsh

    Having 2 copies of GTA5 is unnecessary and can lead to conflicts.

    What you're trying to do can be done 50 different ways and none of them require a pirated copy or different version.

    One method is to simply make a copy of your existing game. Just rename the copy you want to play with versus the one you want to experiment with. Obviously you can also have one game with multiple mod folders, using the same renaming approach.

    Same approach if you're using two PCs.

    Finally if your game is legit, just rename the folder or back it up and move it, then do a fresh install. You now have 2 installations and of course 100GB of totally wasted space because 1 copy can be used to do anything you want.

    I have 1,000s of addons, 100s of maps, and obviously I can't have them all load at the same time. So I have 1 copy installed and I select what version, updated or reverted, what dlc, simply by renaming files. Effortlessly and instantly.

  • Thanks for replying JohnFromGWN. I wasn't sure if I could just make a copy of my GTA, thought maybe profiles would conflict or some shit. I've just got waaaay too much time invested in my legit GTA since PS4 transfer, single & more importantly Online so I can't help but try be extra safe/peace of mind.

    I'll use the 1st method you mentioned & just copy whole game folder & rename, plenty of space on my drive, all good.


  • @HashAsh with respect to GTAO, ScripthookV will not allow you to go online with a modded game, so no risk of being banned. However if you're even the slightest bit paranoid, simply rename dinput8.dll and all mods will be disabled. In fact, you'll need to rename it to play online.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Unfortunately I am that slightest bit paranoid, but thanks for the heads up tip! I'll note that down, seems like a nice quick way. I've been banned before (not mods related) & losing the time invested & personal setups of dumb number of garages & cars, doing up cars, clothes, achievments, stats etc etc really traumatized me lol. Please understand my paranoid status.

    I mean my ideal setup I wanted would of been 2 totally separate GTA installs/separate profiles, 1 my current legit GTA & other ofcourse for mods only/experimenting/strictly offline only without having to rename anything when choosing to play between single player mods or my legit GTA. Is that even possible? Would that mean I'd need a separate Social Club account for my single player mods GTA or do I even need a Social Club account for single player only??

    All gotta start somewhere :)

    Thanks for your time.

  • @HashAsh
    That's up to you. If you intend on cheating, I can't help you with whether you need multiple accounts.

    You obviously need a Social Club account for GTAO. You definitely don't need one for Single Player except for the fact you need it to play SP.

    So one account is all you need. Renaming a folder has nothing to do with Social Club Accounts and it takes less than 10 seconds. Or with a batch file, it is essentially instantaneous with the DOS rename (ren) command.

    Bottom line: You can't go online with legit mods, which means one account is all that's necessary for both MP and SP.

    Just rename dinput8.dll to dinput8.bak to play GTAO.

  • Yea batch file would be best there for sure. I don't intend on cheating Online. Just have a simple case of already having an installed cracked GTA version 2802 which doesn't use the main usual Documents\Rockstar Games folder for Social Club etc at all & has its own folder for settings & saves etc. I just thought it would of been simple to just update that 2802 to the latest 2845 & use that for mods, don't care for Online play for that copy. Can't find a cracked 2845.

    Thanks for the info!

  • @HashAsh

    We can't discuss or support cracked versions here for legal and ethical reasons. What you do on your own computer is your own business but just remember that cracked versions of any games are prime targets for malware. To suck you in, it's common for these repacks to give you brilliant advice to disable your antivirus if it blocks the installation and they'll also provide reassurance that the malware detected by Virus Total or similar AVs is "just a false positive ".

    There is absolutely no reason to keep a cracked version if you have a legitimate version installed. So, one legitimate copy is all you need, you should definitely remove cracked copies, and to respect forum rules and hopefully dissuade others from using software illegally for many reasons, let's end this discussion.

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