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[VEHICLE][RELEASED/WIP] Sim-cade Handling and Ultimate Sound Swap

  • This is a support and progress update thread for Sim-cade Handling and Ultimate Vehicle Sound Swap

    Upcoming update:
    Reworked for V3.0 from V2.5 with better gear ratios, optimized suspension (no more clipping through fenders), actual top speeds (as in reaching top speed at highest gear and highest rpms without continually accelerating even if top rpm is reached), general changes in grip and acceleration, and changes in steering response, with reworked bike handling.

  • Update
    Finished bikes, muscle, emergency and a few commercial vehicles. Currently about half way through off-roaders with new update.

  • Status Update:
    About half way through the sedans, had to revisit the vehicles I've already completed for better consistency as I move on to other vehicles.

  • Status update:
    Finished offroaders and sedans, sports is next

  • Status Update:
    Finally finished the Sports category, now doing sports classic, but probably have to revisit a few cars due to inaccurate specs... Also, since new update is out, progress will be delayed I presume.

  • Status update:
    Progress resume after latest update.
    Finished the sports classic and reworked about 60% of import/export dlc vehicles.

  • Status update:
    About 60% done with supers, only suv, vans and a few utility vehicles left. Will revisit sedans and maybe bikes like I did with muscles to re-adjust acceleration, top speed, and suspension.

    Quick note:
    Reaper is now based on the Lycan Hypersport instead of the Huracan since the Tempesta suits being a Lamborghini Huracan better, and I simply don't really like the look of the Reaper or the Lykan, so it makes sense (in my mind at least). Engine sound is changed accordingly in my sound swap to be released when this handling mod is released. Also, the Lycan is stupid fast, so you get a stupid fast Reaper, so its a win-win :)

    New focus for the revisits is that all vehicles will get acceleration times and top speed are within +/- 10% of their real life counterpart, so research is taking quite a bit of time, especially for the muscles... and suspension will have less body roll to be more "Forza-like" in handling and also for smoother and more realistic looking weight transfers when cornering, accelerating and braking. Changed brakes for numerous revisits as well to be more proportional to other vehicles in a higher performance class. Also some vehicles were still clipping, so had to correct for those (used the trainer applied force to -0.10 to test for fender clipping)

    According to the trip recorder mod that I got, total miles driven in-game is at about 4200 miles since I started updating the vehicles from previous version.

  • @chang63 Can u add suspension levels like this mod ? It stop being updated so.....

  • @Sh3nZeR I don't think I've used that mod before, but suspension is already significantly softer than vanilla, its just on some vehicles, the travel and turning radius can be hard limited due to fender clipping and realistic fender gaps (especially for supers) but just give V3.0 a try once it comes out, I spent a ton of time dealing with the suspension, debating from too hard or too soft, too much roll vs too little roll, fender gap clipping, and how much the wheels drop when airborne. Offroaders and that new export/import vehicle Wastelander has a very nice offroading/crawler type suspension with fairly large articulation without feeling like truck is lifted sky high and it respects all fender collisions.

  • @chang63 I'll surely wait

  • Progress update:
    Supers finally complete, driving at near or above 300 mph was rough on Nero and Prototipo, especially since there are no straight roads to so...
    Anyways onwards towards SUVs!

  • motion blur ftw!!

  • Still looking forward to the update.
    Also waiting to see how Killotomate 2.0 driving gonna be

  • Progress update:
    Finished SUVs last night, re-tweaked a bunch of other stuff, 2 more classes (vans and some utility), then revisit sedans, bikes and offroaders, and it should be done.

  • Progress update:
    Finished the Utility vehicles and about 80% done with vans, next is to re-rweak some of the classes I mentioned earlier, and sort out my sound swap, and the release should come soon. I might skip on long documentation, cause the "update" has pretty much turned into an overhaul, so more than 90% of all handling lines are changed/tweaked, too much to document and too little time to sit down and write it due to work...

    I will highlight some of the new overall changes made, but not to specific models, since the only realistic feature based on car facts and research is acceleration times and top speeds, everything else pretty much relies on feel.

  • @rastakilla His mod approaches handling differently from my mod, leaning more towards realism, whereas mines leans more towards sim-cade like (hence the name), especially in the upcoming update. I'm interested myself to see how different his feels compares to mines since it he is also doing an overhaul :)

  • Progress Update:
    Update is basically done, just going over some of the vehicles, and doing some of the final touches. If all goes well, should be uploaded by this weekend or early next week.

  • @chang63 said in [VEHICLE][RELEASED/WIP] Sim-cade Handling:

    Progress Update:
    Update is basically done, just going over some of the vehicles, and doing some of the final touches. If all goes well, should be uploaded by this weekend or early next week.

    Played around with Realistic Drive 2.0 ......
    Going back to your 2.5 Simcade mod for now.... its just a certain feeling your's has that I love

  • Progress update:
    Found a major bug with the trailer being too heavy to be towed with the adjusted power of the trucks, so had to take some time to readjust and figure out what was wrong with it, but has been resolved. Also dug up a material.dat file that I worked lightly on way back then before resuming GTA modding, so been fiddling with that as well in addition to changing things here and there like armour for vehicles, suspension drop height, fender gaps for certain vehicles, etc..

    This should be the last progress update before the release of the update if everything goes well. Update for both my sound swap mod and my handling should be up by around Tuesday or Wednesday, with next weekend being the latest (I hope).

  • @rastakilla Stick with the old version for a little bit longer, new one should be out soon :)

  • Progress Update:
    Both handling and sound swap mods are now awaiting approval!!

  • Progress update for 3.2:
    ~600 miles in and a several more countless hours of tweaking...
    Been working on adjusting the ride height for several vehicles, fixed some planes not being able to take flight, adjusted grip levels and brakes (track tested), further tweaked the materials.dat, attempted to resurrect the ai handling file, and made other miscellaneous fixes/tweaks.

  • @chang63 Could you please make a version of this mod for the patch 877.1 too?? I am having problems to update to the 944.2 version of the game...

  • @ElTiooJonny I can do it, but I'm pretty sure you can do it yourself, since it's literally just deleting the handling lines corresponding to the vehicles that where not added in your version. All the DLC handling lines are added chronologically on my file, so you should be able to find the ones newly added after your version and delete it, just make sure the structure is the same and game will run fine.

    I would still advise you to use latest version, since most mods support latest version, but it's up to you.

  • @chang63 He doesn't even need to delete anything, unused handling lines don't cause any problems afaik. They just "stay there" and are ignored.

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