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[VEHICLE][RELEASED/WIP] Sim-cade Handling and Ultimate Sound Swap

  • As promised before, here is a link to the latest in what I have been working on for both handling and sound swap as a sort of beta test, though still not done with the remaining vehicles. Need to retune sedans and finish the XA21 and zorusso supercars in addition to vans, SUV and some others down the list.
    Note: files do not have any install instruction as of yet since it's not a release. Test if you know where each file go. Will make an instruction Readme when the main version releases. Let me know if there are install difficulties and bugs for crashes and such. Any gameconfig that supports latest version should work.

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/19cg0yocltls1nx/handling_and_sound_swap.7z/file

  • @prince_linus @gdfGDS44 beta link posted if you want to test it

  • @chang63 Legend, thank you for all your work on this!

  • @gdfGDS44 np, almost done, just a few more vehicles from the vans category, then re-do some sedans and run some checks for bugs and tidy some files up. Afterwards, maybe create a few videos for showcase, then is just compiling Readme's and .oiv packages and should be good for release. Not entirely sure on how to showcase though since not very familiar with video creation/editing...

  • @chang63 Awesome, I'm going to play around a little bit with your edits. :)

  • @prince_linus almost done with final version, but need scripthook update to finish...

  • @prince_linus also, a bit of a heads up to keep in mind while doing some testing before you ask why this feels different from the older versions:

    • grip bias has changed to be more front biased because I messed around in gta online and liked how you can induce oversteer by simply weight shifting. This means that Scandinavian flicks and power oversteer (if using my inversepower and manualtransmission default diff settings) are possible whereas before you had to use handbrake (though handbrake are still require for drifting certain vehicles). However, this may make some RWD, rear biased AWD, and even some FWD cars cars more prone to violently snap oversteer if handled incorrectly, like the banshee or openwheelers, which can be realistic as a dodge viper is known to chew your head off (had that experience in real life with my cars (with stability control off) during a spirited drive once...), or an f1 car being very twitchy, so depends how you look at it. Do give openwheelers a try as I try to capture the unrestricted +1000hp f1 of different eras (with the more modern f1 generating more grip, as in the SPA, achieve a 1:40ish hot lap time) and a indycar using varying grip levels, gear ratios, and top speed.
    • a majority of the time was focused on tuning rally cars and offroaders (rock crawlers and serious offroaders have huge articulation without severely clipping into fenders (except for the zhaba, where suspension was hard af to tune and still feels wrong, reason being too much suspension travel, the wheels folds inward and too little travel, suspension has this step feeling like vanilla cars going over a curb..), especially grip and suspension, so do give it a go and let me know what you think. For rallycars, grip has been increased almost unrealistically in an attempt to correct the ridiculous understeer problem when offroading, as it grips way too hard on tarmac but feels just right offroad... nebula feels great offroad though as a low power rallycar, with easy to initiate drifts.
    • some racecar/supercar/sports cars may feel like it looses grip too easily on street roads. Thats semi-on-purpose as I made them quite stiff for track duty (which feels great on tracks like the Spa or Nuburgring) but might be too stiff for road use, losing grip on really bumpy surfaces, which can be somewhat realistic depending on how you see it as some sports cars are really too stiff for road use in real life...

    Might upload a near finish version for final testing as i just finished the .oiv pack, just need to finish a few vehicles i skipped, like the faggio, so try that version instead once its out.

  • As promised, here is basically the nearly final version of the mod (I'd say 95% complete) with every vehicle tweaked/fixed, complete with updated documentation and in a .OIV package installation format, and even gave it a new-ish name to go with the overhaul.

    The only thing to do between now and the full release is to create showcase videos and perhaps do small tweaks here and there if need be.

    link to latest version:

  • @chang63 I'm sorry for the late reply, I have to admit I don't really play video games much right now. However, I did play around a few hours last week with your handling - I gotta say, I love it! Hands down, it feels like a great mix between realism and GTA V's arcadey gameplay. I've only tried a fraction of vehicles, with only your handling.meta and materials.dat edits installed, though.
    I will get back to you after playing around a little bit more!

  • @prince_linus no worries and thanks for the feedback.
    However, do try the newer version (changes to downforce with other smaller tweaks were made, and finished the rest of the vehicles) and also install the custom gear ratio mod from ikt, as vehicles with gearboxes (except CVT) were tested with these ratios and may behave weird without the mod (either accelerate too hard or too slow depending on the difference in gear ratio between vanilla and my ratios).
    Other optional mods are highly recommended (especially the manual transmission mod) but probably not essential.

  • @chang63 Alright, will do!

  • Since my last post several months ago, a lot has happened and now I am moving forward to the stage in life.

    Anyways, apologies for the delay, but the latest version is now live. As mentioned before, both simcade handling and ultimate sound swap are now under one mod. As for videos, couldn't really think of how to showcase the huge number of vehicles so simply just did a few laps around the Nordschleife using a vehicle in each class to showcase the difference in handling characteristic and suspension differences.

    This will be final unless there are some hotfixes and/or Rockstar decides to add more vehicles.

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