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[VEHICLE][RELEASED/WIP] Sim-cade Handling and Ultimate Sound Swap

  • Progress Update:

    Sim-cade Handling:

    • Managed to finish and upload the update for my handling mod tonight, though documentation is rather short... Awaiting approval.

    Ultimate Sound Swap:

    • not much has changed since last progress update, the WoV version is finished, need to make Vanilla Compatible version with new updates as well as a functional OIV. Packages, hoping to finish it by tomorrow and have it uploaded. PC been acting up lately, so not sure how feasible it will be...

  • Just a quick note:

    The text and title for the Sim-cade Handling mod did not save when I uploaded it last night for whatever reason, but now it should updated to have appropriate title and update log.

    Meanwhile, still working on the Ultimate Sound Swap update...

  • So, an notice rather than an update I guess...?
    Anyways, did not get a chance to finish my Sound Swap mod before the update was release, so I guess will wait until all newest version is moddable again before updating, since there will be new vehicles (for handling) and perhaps new vehicle sounds, so it would probably make more sense to update by then.

  • New update progress:
    Since everything is more or less back to normal (Scripthook, trainers, etc.), update to the Smugglers DLC has begun, below are quick highlights:

    • All cars handling values a changed in accordance to mod, but needs testing, should be finished fairly quickly since there aren't too many new cars.
    • Plane and helicopters handling modified slightly.
    • All plane top speeds and accelerations are adjusted accordingly using the Super Sonic mod, both for scaled and real top speed versions.

    For Sound Swap

    • Still have not really worked on the OIV. pack, but made some changes to it using new Smugglers DLC.
    • Changed some of the vehicles.meta to be more align with latest version of WoV.

    Progress delays will probably stem from work and school work related stuff, and life as usual I guess.

  • Final Progress Update Before Uploading:
    For Sim-cade Handling:

    • Need to do a quick re-test some planes since they had a few minor tweaks.
    • Need a quick test on all bikes due to some changed values.
    • Almost all other vehicles are or should be complete, with fixed bugs, such as the duneloader rolling over too easily, etc.

    For Ultimate Sound Swap:

    • Finally made another OIV package for both vanilla and WoV compatible versions.
    • It is 100% complete, just need some short documentation.

    ET of upload: Within this or the next week.
    Also, been working on another new mod and should probably be out around the same time if all goes well...

  • Updates to both the handling and sound swap mods are approved and released!
    The third, new performance tuning mod is still pending for approval at this time.

  • Not sure how many of you guys are still following this mod and my other mods, but I can assure you it is not dead yet, just that I haven't had enough time to update/change the things that I wanted in it just yet. Was about 3/4 of the way finished on the last DLC, but new DLC just dropped so it will probably take a few more months (assuming I find time since haven't played anything in the past 2 months due to work and life...)

  • Update:
    Not sure if people still follow this thread/mod after basically half a year hiatus, but it seems that Rockstar has released their final DLC. I will resume progress on both my handling, sound swap, and maybe my other mods, though when it will finish is anyone's guess. I am hopeful that the handling and sound swap will be finished before the end of the year, as my game is almost up and running after the update, but anything goes at this point.

  • Update:
    Well... I completely missed my original deadline since I didn’t realize how much work was left in terms of just the sheer amount of vehicles to update... but anyways, the core handling file is ~90% complete. Just editing some details here and there. Some of that time also included toying with the idea of implementing the curb boost fix that rockstar has added, but not much advancement in that topic.

    As for what else took a ridiculous amount of time is creating real gear ratios for any and all vehicle I can find (so far, got about 350 ground vehicles, all withn 95% accuracy) (gear ratios are applied through ikt’s custom gear ratios mod). But I’ve noticed is that when you change the vehmaxvel value in the xml file, the acceleration and top speed seems to be affected, so had to come up with a custom formula to modify the handling.meta in order to compensate for the change.

    Essentially, there would be 2 core handling.meta file, one meant to work with the real gear ratios (require separate script mod) and one without it. There might also be an experimental handling.meta where I will try to implement the curb boost fix, but will see.

    As for the sound swap mod, its been finished and just need to re-compile and maybe see if I want to change any other vehicle sounds.

    For other mods, not much progress, but since OpenIV has updated to include opening more carcols files, might resume tinkering with the customization mods once handling is finished.

    For fun, I want to generate a statistic for lap times on all vehicles in the nurburgring gp track or any other track and 1/4 mile times/acceleration times to show the differences between each vehicle, but that would require a tremendous amount of time and effort, so would probably need some people to help build data (probably needing a steering wheel/controller and a few specific mods (mostly ikt’s mods, including manual transmission, gear ratios, inverse power, and map/lap timer mods. PM if you are interested and I can send you the details and associated files. I can also send you some files for beta testing if interested.

  • Keep at it mate I loved your handling mod hope you get it done soon :)

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