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[VEHICLE][RELEASED/WIP] Sim-cade Handling and Ultimate Sound Swap

  • Ok, thanks for the info :D

  • @GreenAid Ohh, I see, never realized that... But it makes sense since the vanilla file had the uranus and a few other vehicle handling lines that never made it to the main game.
    I guess you can leave it as is then @ElTiooJonny

  • Quick update:
    Since Rockstar dropped 4 more vehicles, research and preliminary values are entered in the handling.meta, just need to actually test it and fine tune it, so waiting for scripthook update, trainer and mp vehicle unlocker to begin testing.
    Also made some changes since last versions, more notably a rwd vacca to be based on the LP550-2 since there are too many awd lambos, made the ninef to be based on the Audi R8 V8 since there are quite a few VAG V10s already, and more suspension and grip tweaks (mostly for experimentation)

  • Nice. However after playing fora bit with your mod, I noticed that the steering angle you chose is way too small, and makes the cars unable to turn effectively especially at low speeds. So I changed them on mine.
    Another thing that I found funny, why is it that you decided to raise some muscle cars? lol

    PS: mp car unlocker isn't needed if you have SNT :p

  • @GreenAid Thanks for testing and giving some feedback! Anyways, the steering angle and ride height are somewhat limited by the model, since higher values for the steering angle or an offset ratio (from current version of mod) between the suspension raise value and upper suspension limit will cause fender clipping under load while turning. I've lowered the ride height for quite a few vehicles already, but don't want to lower them so much that it crashes over bumps (like some racecars and supercars)...

    As for muscle cars (other than the physical model limits), they are raised to give that soft/unstable suspension setup that muscle cars tend to have, and with the increased suspension travel, they are much more fun sliding off-road (see Roadkill for that one lol), squat realistically under hard acceleration and braking and body rolls appropriately while turning, and won't have that "jump" animation when going over curbs, like some low slung sports cars with low ride height. I'll review them again once scripts are up to date, and my game is stable. And I've been using the simple trainer, but don't like V5.1 too much, so using V5.0, since I don't like the maxed out weapons when I click obtain all weapons, but still need support for latest vehicles to spawn...

  • Well yea, I still removed the "raise" and decreased suspension force (along with something else if needed) and I get the same effect, without having the raised look :D

  • @GreenAid I'll take a look at it once my game is back up, I'm sure I can lower some more vehicles...

  • Oh for the record, I didn't lower any vehicles, I just set them back to 0.

  • @GreenAid That is kind of lowering (at least from current version) lol
    But one thing has been bugging me with all the experimentation for awhile now and maybe you can help. Do you think cars should have more bump than rebound, equal, or the other way around for dampers? Been playing Horizon 3 for awhile, and they seem to have higher rebound than bump for most cars, but then again most vehicles in Forza have rather stiff suspensions... But on my own car, it's firm when hitting a bump, but there is no secondary oscillation resonating after a bump, suggesting that it could be equal, but maybe slightly more bump due to feeling of firmness (but could also be higher rebound)...

  • @GreenAid Additionally, what doesn't seem to make much sense to me is that the suspension in FH3 seems to bottom out quite often... Concept wise, I thought bump would be higher to better handle consequent bumps on the road, since if rebound is too high, it will take longer for wheel to extend back to baseline, making it stay bottomed out longer, resulting in less smooth transitions over several bumps in sequential order (which is what the current version has - higher bump than rebound). What do you think?

  • Hmm I'm afraid I haven't experimented that much yet, to tell you about Damping and changes in it...

    But I guess as a general rule, compression should indeed be higher than Rebound ingame.

  • @GreenAid I'll look into it some other time, so far it has been working so I might just leave it as is in terms of compression vs rebound...

  • Progress update:
    Finished GP1, it slowly creeps to 240 mph @ 6th gear in top rpm, and stays there with the simulated drag limited top speed, and acceleration is within +/- 10% difference with the real car (Mclaren F1) as is with the rest of the vehicles in this mod :)
    Also re-adjusting almost all cars with downforce (mostly supers and some sportscars) because of weird suspension glitch when driving at high speeds in one of those long straight track mods (previously just used the bumpy hwy in the game for testing, so didn't realize this glitch), and tinkering with other performance figures to better match RL performance (such as the Banshee2 for a Dodge Viper ACR). Furthermore, made more adjustments in ride height (this time mostly for muscle cars), further testing is needed still. Finally, tinkered around with some more sound swaps for new and old vehicles.

  • Hello, the other day I tried playing around with suspension forces to see what happened, and it seems the "clipping" glitch on sidewalks happen because, other than the UpperLimit, the Suspension Force is calibrated to be very low. I tried increasing it by a relatively high value, like from 2 to 8-12, and it doesn't do the clipping anymore! The car actually "bounces" up in a more realistic fashion (at least I think? :/ ). The only problem with this is the car kind of skids a lot, so you have to be careful how much you raise it, and balance the Damp values accordingly. I only did a quick testing so more investigation would be in order.

  • @GreenAid I think the reason it skids about is probably due to the fact that I've lowered some value called deltatraction... something, which basically dictates how high the wheels are relatively off the ground before losing grip, but interesting find though, I was going to mess around with it after completing the new DLC vehicles. I have increased the suspension force for some supers due to the glitch that I've found, but haven't really driven it on-road yet, mostly on a smooth test track (the long straight one). Thanks for letting me know though.

  • Nah, not related to DeltaTraction, I was using a stock handling as base anyway, this time. The skidding happened on normal road, not while the car was raised. GTA's physics are funny like that :)

  • Progress update:
    All DLC cars primarily finished (in terms of top speed and acceleration), just making a few tweaks to suspension with new found settings, and of course testing them.

  • @GreenAid well I tried raising the suspension force to pretty much doubled, got rid of the weird glitch caused by downforce at high speeds, but also made cars "wobble" with many secondary motions after hitting a pothole (kind of like the loaner I had with runflat tires and stiff suspension), so I've changed the parameters of having less compression and more rebound, and see if that may settle the suspension better after a large impact. I'll continue testing new parameters later tonight.

  • Yea like I said it's hard to balance.. I say just find a balance that looks half-good in both ways and settle with that, otherwise it will never be good enough :p

  • Progress update:
    After a rather unexpectedly long hiatus for updating the mod, finally there is some progress. After about 2500 miles of road testing since the last version, here is the progress log:

    For sound swap mod:

    • Vanilla compatible and WoV compatible versions of new update is complete, need to test the .OIV package if it installs properly and make short documentation on the changes.

    For sim-cade handling mod:

    • Suspension has been kind of overhauled, with increased suspension force, increased rebound and slightly increased compression (and other values) to better simulate suspension found in other racers and RL and to iron out a weird glitch of suspension becoming too low when driving at speeds.
    • Re-worked many vehicles in terms of performance and grip changes (primarily supers and sports cars) since I now finally have a clean straight road to test acceleration and top speed.
    • Fixed airplanes not taking off and also messed with another mod (sonic boom mod) to raise the top speed of every plane to their appropriate speed - determined limit for game is about 500 mph before texture starts to bug out (textures goes crazy at 1.9 mach), so might make a scaled version instead for planes only.
    • Re-worked motorbikes to finally mirror their RL performance (acceleration and top speed), and address some glitches associated with grip and lean - about half way done with all motorbikes.
    • Adjusted shifting speeds and how the game simulates fly-wheel to simulate how DCT and other fast transmissions change gears (difference is felt with ikt's manual tranny mod).
    • Tinker with Drift assist and inverse power to find a better setting as drift assist with current setting unnaturally increases top speed as I turn.
    • Attempt to fix other miscellaneous bugs/glitches that I find or mentioned by others. Please report any bugs/glitches from previous versions so I know what to look out for - be specific!!

  • @GreenAid Finally determined why increasing the suspension force cause skidding, it was simply too stiff for adequate contact, so car simply "bounce" slightly off the ground, causing wheels to lift for a moment, which leads to sudden traction lost = a skid. I've sort of "fixed" it by increasing the rebound value to stabilize this bounciness, which works out pretty well, and feels kind of like the current V3.3, but more realistic in dealing with sidewalks and bumps.

  • @chang63 Yea, Damp needs to be high too if you increase the Force. Good to hear though.

  • Progress Update:
    Update is finally complete!! just need to do some short documentation and other small stuff, should be out within next few days (hopefully before new DLC).

  • Progress Update:
    Latest versions of both handling and sound swap mods are pending approval!

  • It's up!

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