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  • I would like to know if anyone can make this car cause it would mean so much to me cause this was my mothers car before she passed away due to cancer I would love to have this car in the game to honor my mother more and for remembering her more than anything if anyone can please let me know ill provide the pics and info of the car thanks.


    0_1479892932478_3614763523_366ae289e6.jpg 0_1479892946637_1972-ford-maverick-moore.jpg

  • 0_1479893376631_1974-ford-maverick-three-quarter-front.jpg 0_1479893384615_ford-maverick_silver_1.jpg

  • I can understand if no one wants to do this car cause either you think its ugly or not popular enough which would be understandable I just wanted to know if anyone would be willing to do this car I just want to honor my late mother that's all.

  • P.S. can this be made to be a add on please?

  • @Bondergomme said in FORD MAVERICK 1970-1977:

    This? https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1977-ford-maverick-gt

    ya like that but a add on if possible my mother also had the 4 door version as well

  • This is my favorite car, it is very popular here in Brazil, unfortunately the only ones who proposed to make it a 3d model were Brazilian and did it for GTA SA, in low quality a long time ago ... I believe that nobody will want to do it in HD, more perfect and realistic than the model that is already ready for the gta sa. sad but true =(

  • @Maverick70 I know and its sad it was considered a muscle car as well but I just want to see it in the game as a add on as well cause I want to honor my late mother cause she had the car for over 23 yrs of my life I'm now 39 yrs old she passed away 6 months after my daughter was born my mothers first grandchild but I would love to see and have this car in the game.

  • @TR71777 The sedan version is beautiful

  • As a former owner of 2 Mavericks, I'd love to see this happen as well. Especially a Grabber version, '72 if I could be so picky. I'd also be happy to donate...

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