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[SCRIPT] [WIP] HostagesV - Update 1.1 [.NET]

  • HostagesV is back with more features, in Update 1.1

    Note: The 1.1 update is still a work in progress.
    This thread may be subject to change later on as more features and tweaks are added.

    For a while now this may has been without updates. As I started up Grand Theft Auto V again and played around with the mod, I noticed that it was clearly lacking a lot of features that could have made it even better, and simpler to use.

    So I have decided to pick up the code and add more features to it. Some of these new features include the ability to take a person hostage and demand a ransom for their release to their family. You can yourself set the amount of money you want to demand, however, the more you demand the more likely it is that the family will call the police and set up an ambush for you. Another interesting new feature is the ability to personally select a location for the hostage to go to. You do this by selecting the option in the menu, and aiming at where you want them to go and then pressing E. A nice little waypoint will indicate where the spot is.

    Hopefully you will enjoy it. :)

    Update Poster

    alt text

    Current Changelog
    Note: The 1.1 update is still a work in progress.
    The changelog below may be subject to change later on as more features and tweaks are added.

    • New Features
    • New menu option to demand a ransom from the hostage's family.
    • The more money you demand, the more likely the chance is that it will be an ambush by the police.
    • 15+ different ransom locations scattered across Los Santos, Blaine County & Blaine County.
    • New menu option to rotate hostages 45 degrees.
    • New menu option to be able to move the hostage by selecting a position by aiming.
    • New menu option to select a car for the hostage to enter by aiming at it.
    • New menu option to allow the hostage to stay in the car you're in when you're exiting it, instead of letting it exit along with you.
    • Added "Back" button to hostage menu so you no longer have to close the entire thing when you want to control another hostage.
    • General Tweaks
    • Added notification to display when you've taken a hostage and the hostage's name.
    • Removed the short pauses between switching menus.
    • Added a back button to the hostage menus, no longer have to close the entire menu to go back to the hostage selection page.
    • Removed the '#' from the names displayed in the menu.

    New Feature: Positioning

    alt text
    Positioning - You'll be able to control your hostage with this new feature by selecting "Position" from within the hostage menu.
    When you've selected this you'll be prompted to aim somewhere on the ground - a yellow marker will appear to tell you where the hostage will go to. Once you've selected a location for your hostage you will press 'E' to tell the hostage to walk over there - the yellow marker will also turn green to indicate that you've selected a location.

    New Feature: Enter Vehicle

    alt text
    Enter Vehicle - You'll be able to tell your hostage to enter a car by selecting "Enter Vehicle" from within the hostage menu.
    When you've selected this you'll be prompted to aim at a nearby vehicle - a yellow marker will appear to tell you where the hostage will go to. The vehicle cannot have a driver, so you can't tell the hostage to enter some random person's car. Once you've selected a vehicle for your hostage to enter, you will press 'E' to tell the hostage to enter that specific vehicle - the yellow marker will also turn green, like with the positioning, to indicate that it was succesful.


    Various GIFs that I've made during development to showcase it.

    Positioning: https://gfycat.com/CrazyCommonBernesemountaindog
    Enter Vehicle: https://gfycat.com/LankyShinyAzurevase
    Poor Hobo: https://gfycat.com/HastyThriftyGermanspitz


    Make sure to follow the thread by switching from "Not Watching" to "Watching" next to the green "Reply" button.
    Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for further updates!

  • Looking forward to the update :D

  • @GTATerminal It would be amazing if u can add IV like feature when u point gun towards a Ped in car. They come out & surrender instead of speeding and killing u below their car. Ofcourse, possibility of both these events should be added. Like sometimes they surrender and sometimes just speed away.

  • @Sh3nZeR Oh, man. I really miss that feature.
    I'll see what I can do about it!


    cool idea :blush:

  • @EnforcerZhukov Thank you! :p

  • This looks realy great! Since I don´t know a lot about scripting and mod´s in general, could this be a callout plugin for LSPDFR too?

  • @RalFingerLP No, this has nothing to do with LSPDFR.

  • @GTATerminal wow can't wait for this update, very cool.

  • @GTATerminal hey mate, when this update coming? , and i have a request, when you Aim at people please make sure that we press "E" then to surrender and not without pressing "E"e then again "B" to take down or whatever. And also when the hostage is handcuffed, when you order him to move there, or enter in car, make sure when he walks let him walk with handcuff and not hand free, thanks hope soon you are working on releasing.

  • @NaughtyBoy1 Aiming at people and the pressing 'E' to activate it would work great! Thanks for the suggestion.

    As for making the hostage walk handcuffed is something I still haven't quite figured out. Any help regarding this would be fantastic.

  • @GTATerminal here is a demo Gif image taken from Police Mod 2 http://imgur.com/a/IXUDV
    As about coding i can't help you on that sorry.

    Police mod script: http://zagruzka-mods.com/gta-v/gta-v-other-mods/4107-police-mod-2-v208-for-gta-5.html

  • @GTATerminal Well no matter handcuff is for police mod i mean if you arrest, your script is hostage so we don't handcuff he can walk also without handcuff.

  • @Sh3nZeR @GTATerminal If you ever do Sh3nZeR's request about that feature from IV, you should also release it as a standalone!

  • @GTATerminal Hey man are you alive, don't you have in mind to do add some updates on this mod or you quit?

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