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Car packs and texture popins.

  • I've noticed there's barely any carpacks around. Why isn't someone collecting the good once and making a pack, either for adding cars or replacing ingame once?
    I have tried a carpack i found somewhere else, it was only replacing ingame cars, not adding. But i noticed that carpacks causes texturepopins, i'm not sure why as the amount of cars are the same, and the game isn't using all the vram.

  • @fusk Is this a request? If so, then it belongs in the requests section. Also, as for someone making a car pack, I believe the reason it hasn't been done is because it would require a lot of permissions from a lot of different modders. you'd be best to make your own, though from the one screenshot I have seen of someone doing it, it creates a lot of lag.

  • Well, i use the word "why" and a question mark. Not sure how that does not come across as a question, but that is my fault for not being clear enough.
    But you answered it anyway, so thanks for that.
    I tried with a 300+ car replacement pack. It worked fine, but the texture popins from the world ruined it, so i removed it. But i liked the idea. I suppose 300+ is just overkill.

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