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False review on my mod/Harassing me.

  • So this kid on my page gave me a good review on one of my mods then after adding me on steam he was constantly annoying me so I decided to block him. Then he went on one of my mods and gave a 1 star review saying "hey.. why did you block me". Can someone sort this out? :(

  • @Contingency Hit the Report option on the comment and that should alert rappo who will deal with it. I think you get a box to enter a reason, so just explain in there what the problem is... that should get it removed.

  • @Contingency Repot the comment.

  • @LeeC2202 Thanks I reported him :)

  • @Contingency good now, just wait for the admin [Rappo] to do something about it.

  • It's taken care of now - in the future, only the report comment feature is necessary :slight_smile:

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