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[Weapons] CS:GO Knife Pack + Skins

  • The most models are already made by @420x420 in his CSGO Knife pack. But only with the standart skins. So I and ICE AND FIRE are making a pack of all skins for the knifes. But 420x420 converted it from an old pack from GTA IV and it doesen't include all knifes currently available in CS:GO. Thats what I'm doing right now. Converting the missing models :).

    The Missing Knifes Are:

    • Bowie Knife
    • Falchion Knife
    • "Normal" Bayonet, There is already one but it's the M9 Bayonet.

    And currently I'm working on the Bowie Knife. Just managed to get all of the models.

    Heres A picture of the Bowie Knife model. I haven't textured it yet.


  • Looking good man but the other bayonet knife was already uploaded:
    All you need is the bowie and falchion then we'll have all cs go knives.

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