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zmodeler3 unistall

  • Zmodeler3 WTF moments!

  • @rarojaguar you already made a Thread/Topic about this 5 hours ago. and i replied you there. There is no need to create many threads about the same problem. Simply Bump the old Thread. i'll leave the answere here too. but i shall lock this topic as its multiple posting.


    @rarojaguar it says that your license has expired. but you showed it has 12 days left in the zm3. so you have two options. if you are sure you still have 12 days left then. go into zmodeler 3 folder where you installed, the zmodeler 3, after this go into shared folder , there will be two files named, codelib.dynamic & codelib.zmx. make a backup of these files, means save them somewhere else.

    the path of these two files is like this, just to be clear:
    X:\zmodler3\shared\ X is just an example. yours can be anything. i hope you have basic knowledge of pc paths.

    okay after making the backup. go to the above path again, but this time delete those two files. (no worries you already made a backup)

    after deleting the files, just run your zmodeler 3 while your internet is working. it will download your license information once again. and hopefully your problem shall be solved,

    note: if above mentioned method does not work, you have to talk with Oleg, from zmodeler 3 forums. message him. or email him your problem. Good Luck

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