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[TOOL][SCRIPT] Handling name identifier for vehicle models

  • I'm not sure if such a mod exists already (please kindly direct me to it if it already exists), but I will really appreciate it if anyone can create a tool/scipt that identifies the handling line that a particular model uses without digging into the vehicles.meta (preferably in-game, in real-time similar to those hash identifier tools on this site).

    For example, for the unmarked cruiser there is no name in the vehicle.meta called unmarked anything, but instead it's called police4 I believe (kind of confusing), and it apparantly shares the same handling as Police... another example would be differenciating from the numerous schafters and other vehicles that shares a similar name (like voodoo, virgo, etc.)

    If such a tool exists, it would save a lot time from guessing and searching since one will immediately know which handling line corresponds to which model, in-game in real time, making editing much quicker using the real-time handling editor mod.

  • @chang63 So from description above it seems like ur requesting a mod in a section where people show their upcoming work, ri8 ?

  • @chang63 im going to move this to the , proper request sectin. :slight_smile: don't worry happens, at time. do try n remember next time. :wink: i'll move this to, request section. right away. topic moved.

  • Oh, my mistake, I thought I was in the request section when I submitted it, but I guess somehow my phone screwed up and selected the wrong section, since I can't see which section I'm in while composing the request on mobile...

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