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New site for back up topics?

  • You write the file you need,for example hud.ytd or something like that from vanila game,and maybe someone helps another one

  • @YoSoyGodot Do you mean you want to be able to ask for a backup file from the original game? If so, that's probably not going to happen as the site only allows uploading of modified game files.

    If you use a mods folder, the original files don't get altered and those are your backups. If you modify those original files, then you can run the games using the verify files option and it will put the original files back.

  • I think @YoSoyGodot is asking for a download system for original game files. Sorry but this won't be done since I don't want to be hosting an archive of original game files. This is to avoid any accusations of supporting piracy, and to comply with the Rockstar Games End User License Agreement as much as possible.

  • @rappo Yeah, that was my thoughts exactly.

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