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PNJ spawn system fix

  • Hi modding community !

    It's the first time i post on that forum. I'm here because i have an issue with GTA V that (i think) everybody has:
    It's just aweful. I sometimes just want to shoot people with my sniper rifle, but more PNJs keep spawning where i shot earlyer, wich kind of breaks the game's experience.

    For example i was at the Observatory, just shooting people on the car park (i killed pretty much everybody) then i checked behind the building. It took me maybe 40 seconds and when i came back to the car park... More pedestrians had spawned, not even noticing the corpses (most of the diseappeared btw).

    What i'm looking for is a mod that makes the game remember better where the pedestrians were, and make it stop spawning new peds 40 meters away from you.

    Do you think it's possible ?
    Thank you !

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