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Game Crash on loading screen

  • My game is crashing when loading the story mode over RagePluginHook but also when loading normally. When I try it over and over again it sometimes suddenly is working, but sometimes it doesn't. I can't see any regularity...why does it sometimes work and sometimes not? When it has successfully been loaded the game runs without any problems. Maybe someone had the same issue and found a way to fix this weird crashes.

  • @kingle92 could be a courrupt file, or a recent unstable mod.

  • @FoxtrotDelta but it's nearly impossible to find out a corrupt file, as it started from one day to the other. I removed all mods I installed at that time (scripts, vehicles or trainers), didn't help :/ but why is it working sometimes, a corrupt file should knock-out the game completely, right?

  • @kingle92 you can check in openiv.txt file or it can also be named openivLog.txt file. open it in notepad and paste last 15 lines here. after the game crashes. that file can tell us what was the last file loaded . "before the crash"

  • @FoxtrotDelta thank you for the hint! When it happens the next time (it didn't happen so far) I will paste the log here. Thank you for your help! Just a little question concerning your Punisher mod: When I use the armed one, the game crashes as soon as I start driving the vehicle. Other tanks with your new weapons work fine.. Maybe you have a solution :)

  • @kingle92 try uninstalling other tank mods by me. and see if it solves the problem. if it solves the problem. than i need to change something in the punisher DLC.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I would, but somehow the punisher isn't on your page anymore...I am using the war pack from PANICO TOTAL, so I need the standalone punisher. Can you re-upload it?

  • @kingle92 reuploading it here , would not be possible, im sorry. as it was taken down for copyright reason. but there are places you can still get the file, Check your inbox privates messages for example.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I replied in the chat. The hint with openiv.log was brilliant! I could find the vehicle causing the crashes (it isn't available on gta5mods anymore, so maybe it was a general problem)! I removed it and everything is working fine.
    You're my hero of the day! :D Thank you!

  • @kingle92 im glad, you got it figured out.

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