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Please Expand Weapon Sound List and Make A Reload Sounds List I need help

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    Trying To Make Weapon Mod, Can someone help me to find out What those weapon sounds belong to

    Please Expand This List

    Pistol = 0x0F4DFCD5.wav
    Combat Pistol = 0x1E5A3AED.wav
    50.cal Pistol = 0x1F246C4E.wav (also used by SNS Pistol and Heavy Pistol)
    Taser = 0x1178999F.wav
    Pump Shotgun = 0x02603040.wav
    Assault Shotgun = 0x1DBCD289.wav
    Bullpup Shotgun = 0x1F1A7204.wav
    Heavy Sniper = 0x089F76A1.wav

    So far this is what people found out, what those sounds belong to each weapon

    Reloading sounds list would be great aswell please, I want to know what all weapons sounds belong to, So I can make a weapon sound mod

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