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Is REDUX MOD down ?

  • So is the redux mod without a stable patch right now. Seems it doesn't work on anyone no more.

    Things I have tried: Everything. Really.

  • Did a little digging, and it seems REDUX with SweetFX presets enabled would work with the game if no mods were on. But as this is gta5-mods forum, and we all love mods, we clearly don't want that. So the next question is, why is REDUX crashing with other mods enabled?

  • @Alekseyys If you have installed everything correctly (the patchday1 and installer) replace the gameconfig. in mods folder with the gameconfig. from update folder (So basically, Replace gameconfig in mods folder with original gameconfig from update folder. This should work..

  • Yup, got it working with just taking everything replaced out, and put all original x64's to mods.

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