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[SOLVED] Green sunsets?!?!?

  • I've installed some shades a while ago and for some reason the sunsets now seem to be an ugly green color :( I've uninstalled the shaders... Still not fixed. Plz help guys it's super immersion breaking

  • @-DM- Have you installed any mods that change the Timecycle files?

    I think they can change the colours of the sunsets, as well as many other things to do with the lighting.

  • Hello, yeah but I replaced them with the originals and it doesn't seem to fix it

  • @LeeC2202. Is it possible some of these are not supposed to be here/extra? Like timecycle_mods_1?

  • @-DM- Don't you use the mods folder?

  • @Akila_Reigns. Nah for some mods I can't because I had to crack my game because there was issues with the steam download. Also the sunsets have been restored to their former glory by deleting the formerly mentioned _mods items :). Thanks guys

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