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GTA 5 / Open IV questions

  • Hey,

    Main goal is to have singleplayer modded and have the vanilla online experience.

    Now Open IV is the safest way and its installed. Its prompting me to backup original files before editing, anyone have any tips?

  • @HBHighlander Use the mods folder. That's the safest way to play with mods in SP but not in MP. It's a necessary step that should be done by all legal GTA V owners who play with mods.

    You will need to install an ASI loader and openIV.asi to get the mods folder working.

    • Download and install Script Hook V.

    The rpf files you modify should go into the mods folder. Create a folder named mods inside the root of GTA V.

    Paths inside the mods folder should look like this.

    • mods\update\update.rpf
    • mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpbiker\dlc.rpf

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