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[Vehicle Request] Modified Vapid Civilian Stanier

  • would someone please take the civilian Vapid Stanier and add the following components to the mods available at Los Santos Customs so you can take and buy the civilian Stanier and modify it at Los Santos Customs to look like a cop car. If you can get all the lights and siren working as well please. This way we can be able to park it in our in game garages if we would like as well as add car bombs to them.
    Sorry about my previous post reguarding this vehicle

    option 1- Stock roof
    option 2- Police Led Light Bar
    option 3- Police lights added to inside of windshield, rear back window, and side windows like unmarked cop car

    option 1- stock bumper
    option 2- Bull bar bumper with cop lights

    option 1- stock
    and the following options being those of in game police vehicles

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