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[WEAPON] Weapon Scope/Sight Pack

  • Hey guys,

    Anyone ever thought of making a weapon sight/scope pack? You know... a Red-dot sight, Holographic, Prisma, Kobra, M145, HD-33, ACOG, Reflex, Coyote...? Wouldn't this be awesome? We get so many weapons, yet we always use the same either stock attachments, or inaccurate, ugly attachments that mods provide.

    I see nobody has dared to make even a small weapon scope pack, for whatever the weapon. I was going to make a request for this months ago, and I should have because months later there's still no sign of weapon sight mods.

    I recommend (I emphasize this isn't necessary and it's just a recommendation) porting from Battlefield 4 or Battlefield 3 as they are separate 3D models to the weapon, they're high quality, and look awesome in my opinion. There are tons of other places with great high quality scope models, which can be found on Google, as well.

    Sights I'd love to see:

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text


    I don't want reasons as to why it can't be done. I just want someone to say either why it could work (to entice others to make the mod), or to say if they're interested.

    Within weapons.rpf, search for:
    These scopes are the ones used for the micro-SMG's (macro), LMG's(small), assault rifles (medium), etc.
    As mentioned before, if you look up: "weapon scope pack" on Google, you'll find plenty of 3D models that can be converted to GTA V.

    Please give this post a like if you agree it would be a nice addition to the game! ;)
    Also, leave your suggestions on what scopes you'd love to see added, and if you've found some nice 3D models, so it will make it easier for he or she whoever decides to make the mod!

    Thanks again.

    PS: Yeah, I know I've been away from GTAV-mods, and GTA V, really, for a couple months, but I've been doing other importnat htings. I have more free time now, so yeah, I'm back!

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