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2-stroke sanchez and quad sounds.

  • I'm amazed that after all these years there still isn't a proper 2-stroke engine sound for the dirtbike or quad. The sound mods I've seen make the sanchez sound like a 600 4-stroke which is cool and powerful, but not badass as a high pitched 2-stroke.

    I always check back on this mod even though I know it's dead. But the youtube link in one of the comments demonstrates how badass it would be to have.

    How involved is it to mod the sounds in this game? I'm a web developer so I'm familiar with code and config files in general but I've never honestly messed with modding in games. Are there any comprehensive guides to audio modding or is it more of a spend a whole lot of time tinkering sort of thing? I found this video showing how to get to the raw audio files but comments are mentioning opening it up and editing in a DAW like Sonor or Cubase. That's a little out of my league.

    Somebody has got to make a 2-stroke mod! For the love of God man.

  • it's a lot harder than it sounds, unfortunately. i've made around 4 custom sets of what should be fully-working and revamped sanchez/enduro sounds but whenever they're imported ingame they come out as a garbled, pitch-fucked and useless versions of the raw files i imported. rockstar has some weird sound encoding that just doesn't seem to like taking different data, i gave up on it long ago because of how much of a nightmare it is to work with compared to other games

  • yeah it's really disappointing, i've even tried taking existing sounds as well as entirely new ones ripped from youtube etc and reworking them to no avail. be it from a custom source or simply re-worked and renamed existing files, only some of them manage to transfer over and actually appear ingame, and it never winds up sounding how you expect it to

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