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wife mod

  • I have a idea to help make this mod hope fully easy to create

    1. use the dog and change it to a woman , hopefully a menu of female choices can pop up as all of us have different likeds ok pleas ? keep the current command menu and alter it to female like actions. thus they are allways at home or can follow us around.
    2. use the current prograhm were we rescue anna or one of the random girls , hopefully a menu can be added for inter reactions . again allow passage to and from homes and vehicels
    3. alter the strippers to become wifes with above actions and permissions
    4. add the hookers 1, 2 and 3 to become wifes with there interrelation menu ( yay ) and allow home access .

    I am willing to help and donate to this mod :) lets make it happen !

  • @tatiyana said in wife mod:

    use the dog and change it to a woman.

    I'm sure it's possible without doing that.

  • I should have mentioned I am willing to pay to have this mod made please

    @Akila_Reigns thank you for showing interest , yes I was just making some suggestions I thought may help a person to create this mod , I am hoping to have this for xmas or some time soon , my only request in this mod is please be sure to add hooker#2 (as in my forum pic) to the available wifes list to choose from please.

  • wife mod request please

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