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Any hope for Liberty City next to Los Santos?

  • This is a complicated mod, and would take time. A lot of time... A ton of time.

    Let's set the record straight, here. How is it impossible? We've seen much bigger stuff In GTA San Andreas, among other games, there was the GTA United mod, which linked Liberty City with San Andreas and Vice City, GTA Underground, the new mod that adds every Rockstar Games (apart form Red Dead) plot of land you could think of! For example, Carcer city, Liberty City, Los Santos, Las Venturas, Bullworth Academy, etc.. This is NUTS!

    alt text

    Now, if we've learned something from GTA V, it's that, despite the fact were back in Los Santos, what made GTA San Andreas such a great success was the many different types of landscapes and cities to which you could fly or drive to. Don't we miss this? Well seeming as the only HD Universe map we can really add to GTA V is Liberty City, why couldn't we make this happen?

    Sooner rather than decide to do so 12 years later (which is the case with GTA Underground), we should make this happen, or at least discuss the idea.

    Like GTA Underground, we're going to need a team, and I'm in.

    I know what's involved, but I now have the itme to serve the community, and I hope others can too.We can always go one island at a time if we had to.

    @Jridah said a few weeks ago he'd be interested in the idea. Anyone else? Remember, the time will need to be decent. The more people, the less that each person will need to do.

    Please don't forget to Up-vote the thread if you want this to happen. There's no point in having it done if nobody wants it (although I doubt that will be the case).

    Greatly appreciated,

  • @Hyper-Droid TONS of work here. I haven't enough spare time at the moment and I doubt I will never have it, at least in the next year. That's not good. But hey, if there is something I can do, give me a shout ;)

  • Something is something @Cloud_Power.

    You'd get a lot more than just an extra city... Benefits include:

    Imagine being able to have Single Player Apartments from from @ImNotMentaL in Liberty City? Maybe that could be his contribution. That is, if we manage to get this project to work:

    • Have Burger Shot, Cluckin Bell, and different bars...

    • Have all the apartments and houses in Liberty City... With the Niko Bellic replacing Trevor mod (its more convenient than the Niko Ped version) you can basically play GTA IV within GTA V.

    • Fly between cities... Drive between them using a bridge n what not... This could be done creating the link road using Map Editor or the Menyoo Editor, probably, and then add the file to the AutoloadMaps folder. That's just an idea.

    • etc.

    Again, awaiting help. Without it, this project will not go forward. The more people, the less will need to be done.


  • This is a pretty big map. We can all remember the mysterious texture disappearances from Gta IV when someone made a Los Santos map for Gta IV... But Gta IV was a poorly ported game. Gta V may be different...

    alt text

  • It would be a big project , you have to get many and many good modders involved if we don't wanna play it after the release of gta viii , but why not ? I was dreaming when there was rumors of the Rockstar solo dlc.
    @Jerry9090 yep you right even if gta v is a better than iv , and even if there wasn't disappearing textures I think it will be hard for the collisions or glitches. I don't know much about mapping but on gta iv the map french riviera miss lot of collisions, but it work fine, it's a really big map with almost everything new , so with all this work done maybe convert liberty city can be more easier than this. And wait a minute someone didn't already make it ? (

    ) maybe GTARandom can improve the map with LODs interiors etc.. But the only way to used this map was on multiplayer with fivem.

  • LOL. 666 likes.


  • @Jerry9090 Lol I didn't see it, Damn i understand now why this project looks dead :frowning:

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