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[VEHICLE] Classic airliners

  • Hi,

    So many stunning plane mods have already been posted, but I'm still missing some of those planes that really made civil aviation soar. The DC-3 and Lockheed (Super-)Constellation for instance are that kind of legendary 2- or 4-propeller airplanes that could fit in the GTA world and also be a welcome replacement for the Cuban 800, respectively for the Titan. Other legendary jetliners, like the Caravelle, would also be a nice plus. Especially the propeller planes would be consistent with the limited airspeed of the game, plus, there must be enough 3D-models to be found for them. And finally, as some have already brought up the ideas of a 50's, 60's or 70's mods, it would be a good plus for them as well.

    Many thanks in advance

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