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game crashes when i get in a car.

  • The game will allways crash when i get in a car, i can get in a boat and that doesnt crash, but cars do. i have removed my mods folder and reshade, im yet to remove the scripts folder, though i dont see how that could affect it. any ideas?

  • @GTAKid Scripts can affect all sorts of things, you definitely need to remove your scripts folder as well to test it.

  • i renamed my scripts folder, it did nothing to change it, im thinking maybe a mod has modified the audio folder which is causing the game to crash when you start/ get in a car.

  • i dont want to re install my audio folder its 16 gb... ugh

  • @GTAKid Do you have any asi mods in your GTAV folder that might still be running? The only way you'll know for sure it to basically strip out everything and just leave a total vanilla game. It's a pain but it's the only way you'll know for sure.

    That also means removing ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet and OpenIV... anything mod related needs to be moved out, just temporarily.

    Edit: Unless there is anything in any of the log files that have any information.

  • cant find anything in the log files. i looked through the audio folder, and found a file that was recently modified so i deleted it and let rockstar re-install it, hopefully that fixes it, if not i will remove all mods in the directory and check.

  • aaand fixed, it was the audio file, called "streamed_vehicles_granular" guess some mod messes with it. thanks for the advice/ help.

  • @GTAKid Good to hear you got it sorted and thank you for posting details about what caused it. That's the kind of information that can help people with a similar problem but not everyone adds it after they've fixed the problem.

  • no problem, figured it may be useful information if someone else has the problem

  • @GTAKid So what did you actually do to fix this? because i crash everytime i get into a gun fight take cover on a car, then i try to get back in the car but it crashes as soon as i open the door..please help =(

  • @rmc273 Hey dude, I have the exact same problem, but after all this time your problem is solved ?? And if yes, how you fixed the problem ?

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