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[VEHICLE] Watch Dogs 2 & more

  • Mods:
    Ocelot Lynx Cabrio
    Benefactor Surano Hardtop with Gull-wing doors

    Converts: All from Watch Dogs 2
    Asteria Prime (aka Tesla Model S) as a Coil branded car.
    Sumitzu Auto Valiance CE (aka Toyota Prius III) as a Karin Dilettante.
    TBT-7000 (aka 4th gen Cadillac Escalade) as an Albany Cavalcade.
    Vespid 5.2 (aka 5th gen Camaro) as a Declasse Vigero
    Scafati GT (aka Aventador) as a Pegassi car.
    Baumsteiger (aka Porsche Cayman/Boxter [981]) as a Pfister car.
    Magnate (aka Bentely Mulsanne) as an Enus car.

  • @shalevi5 It's a bit early to talk about ripping models from Watch Dogs 2.

  • But what with the GTA cars?

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