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[Answered] Should certain threads be exempt from earning rep?

  • When we recently had the bout of spammers targetting the site, it made me aware of certain factors that affect the site. This site is one of those that has a system that I guess is there to reflect a person's contribution and helpfulness, to let others know who you might be able to guarantee a helpful answer from... the Reputation system.

    But there are places, threads on the site, that allow for that to be prematurely boosted, simply as a result of post-frequency. So my question is, should threads that encourage frequent and non-constructive contributions, be marked as rep-exempt? Should those threads simply have their votes counted as a "Hey we like your post.", rather than a "Hey, that's really useful, thank you for taking the time to help me with my problem." type of vote that they are being counted as?

    You know, a bit like the difference between the "Like" button on Facebook, and the "Upvote" button on StackOverflow. Or am I over-thinking the significance of the reputation system on the site?

  • Well said. :thumbsup_tone2:

  • You're over-thinking the significance in my opinion, and I can't even control the reputation settings on that level. It's either enabled or disabled. This would be a feature request for NodeBB.

  • @rappo Then I suppose that would beg the question, if it has no real significance, why have it? If reputation can be gained faster through a spam thread than it can through normal/helpful interaction, what is reputation actually for?

    To me that just says "Spam lots, get upvotes, build rep"... it makes the reward for actually taking the time to help, feel a bit of an empty glass. I can either spend 30 minutes to an hour writing a small mod that helps someone and get an upvote for that (although not guaranteed) or I can bash the spam threads and get several. :confused:

    Anyway, I just thought I would ask... it only came about from me seeing the users page more often recently. I'm also not used to being able to contribute to the extent I can here, so maybe LOLCatz >= real help just irks me a bit. (I know we don't get lolcatz... yet ;)... it was the first spam thing that popped into my head )

    I'll mark this as solved and close the thread unless someone else has anything to say...

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