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[Vehicle Request] GTA 4 1975 Torino convert to GTA V

  • I found a 1975 Gran Torino mod for GTA 4 but I don't know how to convert it to GTA V because the files are wtf/wyd can anyone convert this please

  • It's disappointing that converters only want to work on supercars or Russian cars ... none are interested in the classic muscles... I already requested a Dodge Demon and the Chevelle 66 and no one answered.. =(

  • well I'm trying to convert the 2 files wtf and wyd but ZModeler 3 wont import the files so I can convert them, I cant get ZModeler 2 to even work, I've tried Blender and I just have no clue what do to or how to do it and I've watched all the tutorials but none of them show wtf or wyd files being imported they all show zmodeler files.

  • Ok I've finally got the GTA 4 1975 Ford Gran Torino Super Sport converted to a z3d file from Zmodeler 3 it is a complete car except for textures which I have no clue of how to add so if someone will please finish this vehicle up for me by adding all the textures and the Starsky & Hutch livery along with what ever other liveries you feel would improve the over all look of the car please by all means do so, the front seats in the car are not stock seats they are Recaro racing seats. So will someone PLEASE finish this vehicle for me because I don't know how or what to do about adding textures or creating liveries. I do know that the 1972 Gran Torino mod does have most of the textures needed for the 1975 Torino.

  • @IraqVet those files could already be locked. that's why. you should contact the original author of the mod in gta4 , and ask him, for adivice or help. that would be much easier.

  • I imported into ZModeler2 then saved as z3d, then I imported into ZModeler3 just to make sure it would import then I saved it again from ZModeler3 so its not locked theres just no textures all it is is a 3d model inside and out.

  • It's pretty damn sad to have 125 views and not one person to reply offering to either help me by finishing up this mod for me or offering to explain to me what I need to do so I can do it my self. Beginning to notice a specific clique here that seem to always help each other out but to H*** with helping out someone new here.

  • Its a lot to take in, so you should first start small. You should follow this tutorial series which taught me the basics of GTA 5 modding:

  • Thank you, Very much appreciated, I was finally able to get the files converted from GTA 4 to zmoddler3 files and I was able to finally get a few items added in but still trying to figure everything else out and now my free trial of Zmoddler has expired.

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  • I just wrote an email to the original author and asked him to send me unlocked files, maybe he will response in a few days :D

  • Thank you I very much appreciate it, and I do know that there are a few other people that have been trying to find the 75 Tornio add on or replace as well with the optional Starsky & Hutch liverie.

  • up.

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