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best beach house mod

  • so who's got the best beach house ? of course this depends on what you want in that house right ?

    1. the house on or very near the beach
    2. a view or views from the inside out to the ocean and maybe around the house
    3. a working set of good activities ,example ,a bed, a bong , a beer , a tv , a radio, and or a whiskey , a bed a closet , a garage , a bathroom w/ shower
    4. more could be added but as a custom upgrade , example gym , pool ,ect
      of course add the fire place and some nice furniture and this beach house rocks
      does anybody have a mod close to this or could one be built ?
      I sure would like this , please make sure I can change into my fem avi and it will still work and I will have access , this will depend on what mods ones using im sure ,, just let me know pls , ty ,, 'yana

  • I should have mentioned I am willing tyo pay to have this mod made pls :)

    1. I should have also mentioned the house should come with a npc wife or hubby option and family ,maybe a dog also pls

  • @tatiyana without any clothes ha ?

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