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How to fix?? [Solved]

  • gta 5 game executable path not found? i got this message after i installed a fresh verison of gta 5 and i have 2 gta folders, one for single player (for mods) and one for (online) and when i clicked on the PlayGtaV.exe in the single player folder it said gta 5 game executable path not found, please re install the game? any fixes?? thanks!

  • @NameLessTheRapper How are you switching between the versions?

    You can only have one version active at a time, because the registry needs to know which version it is pointing at. The way people usually do it is by renaming the folders before they play, with the one they want to use having the proper name.

    So for example, you might have installed GTAV to something like "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V" and then made a copy to "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V Online". To use the online version, you would have to rename the current "Grand Theft Auto V" to something like "Grand Theft Auto V Mods" and then rename "Grand Theft Auto V Online" to just "Grand Theft Auto V".

    Then if you wanted to use the mods version, change the names the other way around. That way, the registry is always pointing at a version in the right place.

  • so do i just delete one folder and itll work again? or do i have to do the whole re installation shit?

  • @NameLessTheRapper Sorry, I was editing my post while you were replying... I've put more info in my first post.

  • okay, thanks for the info, i just always had one folder that i always used for mods cuz i dont really get online much lol so it wasnt a big deal to me just to play single player. i like single player for the simple fact of mods lol. but u been a big help sir :) thank u

  • @NameLessTheRapper I only ever play offline but I have seen other people use that method to have two versions running. Post back if you have more problems and if I can't help further, I am sure someone else will pop in and help. :slight_smile:

  • Alright! and sometimes i use oiv mods, depending on what mod it is, like the LA roads and this car pack form this guy on youtube named ModCollection, it was a good car pack, replaced like every car in game to real life cars.

  • i got it fixed!

  • @NameLessTheRapper ill keep it unlocked, so that @LeeC2202 can leave a reply and Lock it for you.

  • okay :)

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