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Proper Credits to the real Artist

  • So, like I said, It's a shame that some modders don't give the proper credits to the real artist of the 3D Model, the guy who rig it (talking about models with an skeleton) or if it it's from a game, the ripper and the company.

    They only port and just write on the description "DevianArt" or "XNALara" ( The plugin/script for blender). I think we should respect the people's work and give them at least, credits. No that type of "credits". It sucks a lot when you make a model, you spend a lot of time and hard work and then someones just port it and doesn't give you credits.

    It happened to me, I made a Ben Affleck Head model (I spent a whole week modeling him) and then a guy made a mod for Fallout NV and he said he made the model. To the artist, that it's unacceptable.

    So, i think admins should ask for the real 3D artist or at least the guy who rig it or the ripper. To respect people's work

  • @MAESTRE Usually modder's/Riggers write the source name of the model in the readme file or the discription page, my model are usually ripped by me myself, so i just write my name, and the name of the game, if i download a mode from a specific file, i give the link or name of the website. but yes, you have a point there.

  • @MAESTRE I often ask before approving the file, many modders here can attest to that :slight_smile: If you see a mod missing credits feel free to report it or private message me here with the link. Thanks!

  • @rappo @FoxtrotDelta Thanks for the comments guys! And rappo, thanks for your donation, really appreciated it

  • unless you rig the model on your own...use 3d rippers dx...unity...3dsmax or else other software that can rig character or body or vehicle...

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