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Liveries not working, green dirt layer shows up in game instead

  • I have many liveries for my car, but in game the dirt always shows as a green layer using shader paint:3. Why is it doing this? I cannot use shader paint:3, but when using paint:2 I can at least color change the car and the dirt isn't an issue, but if I want to use my liveries which is in shader paint:3 the green dirt layer always shows and masks the car. How do I fix this? See pics.

    alt text
    alt text

  • @Spitfire7 i read your topic on zmodeler 3 index too. i was thinking, what do you have in specmap? and Mask? slots? its not clear in the picture, i can't read it.

  • @FoxtrotDelta

    In spacemap I have vehicle_generic_spacemap

    In Mask I have vehicle_genericmud_car

    I hope you can see something that I am not seeing here. Thanks for the help.

    alt text

  • @Spitfire7 try chaning vehicle mud slot MASK dds texture, with total black dds. and see what happens.

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    Okay under the MASK section I changed the vehicle_genericmud to black.dds and nothing changed at all in the game. Still green dirt texture all over the car.

    Does that give you more ideas of what it could be...I hope?

  • @Spitfire7 could be many things, if it's not copy right protected you can send the zm3 file in my Email, cynoxrules@gmail.com i'll have a closer look and let you know if i can fix it. Totally your car, don't worry. i won't mis-use or distribute the file.

  • boyyy

  • You know this is new to me so I am learning and I appreciate your help. I am wondering if its something with the carcol files? Like I said, I am learning and this is my first time adding liveries. So we are using the tampa as a base and that car doesn't have liveries, so should I look at how the carcol of the mplowrider is set up and add these into the tampa file? Probably really stupid question, but learning as I go.

  • @Spitfire7 i think that nova would look way better if you would put these tires on it
    alt text

  • @DeezNutties123 That's been done before and that's always the way they are for the last several Novas that were released for GTA IV. No one has ever put the realistic Crager SS rims that we see so commonly to make it a beautiful tough muscle car. Plus in the game there are already wheels that look similar to the ones you mentioned in the modification upgrades.

    Are you working on a Nova for GTA V as well? That would be cool. Ours is intended to be the most modifiable to where you can make it into just about any version you like with so many customizable parts.

  • @Spitfire7 probably not gonna release this since your working on one and i started converting this a month ago for fun but i just stopped working on it for a while now

  • Hey is there a way to get the file to gta5 online mod tool for ps4 I bee up trying to get mine to work I don't know what to do now can anyone help me

  • @Tymac515 rip xD

  • Here is what we got so far, but we are trying to add the livery racing stripes. So lets get back on topic.

    alt text

  • @Spitfire7 i got your email. i can't tell much without zm3 file. i have no experience with car carcols etc. anyways good luck. im off to work. bye

  • @Spitfire7 did you add FLAG_HAS_LIVERY in vehicles.meta

  • @DeezNutties123 said in Liveries not working, green dirt layer shows up in game instead:

    @Spitfire7 did you add FLAG_HAS_LIVERY in vehicles.meta

    That was a good thought and I tried that, but still not working.

  • Bump..
    Sorry did you fix your problem may i ask how. Im experiencing same issues on a model.

  • @Spitfire7 " I changed the vehicle_genericmud to black.dds" - No man, he meant make the texture completely black, not rename the dds, LOL.

  • This post is deleted!

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