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[VEHICLE?] Train Boxcars

  • Pretty simple request, which would be to see boxcars with open doors you could climb into spawn behind the actual trains rolling around (they're seen briefly in the mission where you sniff out the Ballas gangster as Chop/Franklin and you can find them around various trainyards).

    The open-door model can be found by searching OpenIV and looking for "prop_rail_boxcar5.ydr", but unfortunately due to the file extension difference you can't simply rename the train vehicle models to use it (e.g. freightgrain.yft). Would be cool for hobo-styled train hopping when it's raining or whatever, or if you got choppers on your tail and need a quick hideout. Hopefully someone can make it happen

  • @Zippo-Raid Dude, love it! Should be done. You'd think more people would notice the the threads from the legendary ZIPPO-RAID!

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