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Zmodeler and Object Export

  • Yop, I'm new to Zmodeler ( and don't get a lot of time only 10 day left to use it xS)
    I would tike to recreate collision on object (wich I know how to do now ;P) but when I export there is different problem
    . problem with shader config not avail (wich dont allow to export but when I fix it doing bullshit (hey i'm newbie ^^) it work but do ugle shader bug sometime (ig)
    . problem of file not openable in OpenIv (crash) but usable IG
    . and finaly a simple question, what is better between export in yft or in ydr ?

    So basicly i just would like to know how to fix shader config not avail and why the file could crash in OpenIv ;S (it make the texture edit hard sometime )
    hope some one can help

    Also about Prop Editor from addonProp , some one know how to build the list faster ? (it's pretty slow and boring to type each object while they've a lot of similar option)

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