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How to find a texture faster ?

  • Well i know how to find most of the texture, the only thing is that sometime there is missing texture that i've to find and I just don't know in wich file it could be, so i would like t o know if there is something that could open all the game texture dictionary at once and with a search function ;S ?

  • Whilst using OpenIV, Ctrl+F3.

  • @Spud Doesn't that just search for the ytd file and not the texture files inside it?

  • I'm not searching for the search command since as said Lee it not aimed to find texture xP
    Nah what I'm searching for is more something like a tool that will load/open all gtaV texture and allow us to search a texture in the mass if that exist ;S

  • @Shaezbreizh I wish there was something like that. I had the rather extreme idea of extracting every rpf in the game but after doing just the smallest one, I came to my senses and dropped that idea. :D

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