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How can we spawn Objects with no collisions?

  • i would like to know , How can we spawn Objects with no collisions? please.
    for example, a Flag, or a sheet, or a plant leaf without a collision. Thanks. when i try to spawn a prop without collision, [prop has no collision in it] the trainer says, coudn't spawn object because no collision found. or failed to create prop.

  • @FoxtrotDelta what are you using ? I know you can with Map Editor ( wich I recomend cause easyer to use the object with no colision (for exemple to load the object I gave you with map editor, just go at top of the map on the mountain with the antena and the yoga capet right to paleto, Open prop list ( F )(IN THIS AREA) and press space key then type " cs2_08 and land " (or " and 10 " ). with menyoo same thing with a harder range to get object valid.

    between that two object spawner, are using a custom objectlist.ini (located into " scripts " folder for map editor) to get that uncollisionned object that are basicly removed from by modder cause hard to use

  • @Shaezbreizh Thanks i'll try this right now. i didn't know you could manually input model name. & that it supported spawning objects without collisions.

  • @FoxtrotDelta read the modification of my post (the objectlist part) you can find these custom object list in some of my map zip
    edit : mine are not exactly up to date but you will get the object you're searching for

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