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Site suggestion: Download mod first then rate

  • It seems very unfair for people to rate mods first before they download/ or never. Some people rated mods that they did not download at all. I see some mods that have .5 stars rating with zero downloads. Is there a way to verify that a user has downloaded a file first then let them post a rating? Or can there be a sign next to a rating with a "Verified Download" or "Unverified Download"? Thanks.

  • For example...
    A few weeks ago, a user has posted something like "I Am RUSSIAN. I LIKE VOKA. F*CK YOUR MOD."
    Yes folks... Some guy really took the time to do that.
    Every review he gave was a .5/5.
    Don't let that happen again.

  • I've thought about it, but what's the point? If someone is going to want to spam "I LIKE VODKA" on every page, and I instate this rule, all they have to do is click download, click the back button (or better yet just open the download in a new tab), and then do what they were going to do :P If we had a full end-to-end download and install application, where we could verify that the user actually installed and used the mod, then it would make sense to me.

    Your best bet is to report spam comments. I never got any reports from you (or anyone else) about this I LIKE VODKA guy.

  • Good point. But this I LIKE VOdKA guy actually existed. He spammed about 2-3 weeks ago before vanishing. I actually reported him with a long, pissy report.

  • Well... he said something racist and said f*ck you to the file...

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