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Too Many Keyboard Shortcuts, Not Enough Keyboard.

  • I am trying to find some sort of mod that fixes the problem of constant conflicting keyboard shortcuts. i.e every mod maker's go-to key, 'J'. and it isn't so much of running out of keyboard keys as it is running out of brain memory. i can't even remember what keys i assigned to what anymore and there is no longer nay order really. Also, it isn't always really easy to change shortcuts. Not a lot of mods support 2+ key combinations (or i just don't know how to do it).

    i could have sword i saw some sort of radial menu mod for this kind of thing but haven't found it.

  • @billybag I like to push my game to the limmit with as many scripts/mods as I can. Make & keep a log of what hotkeys are being used for what mod. That way, a simple alt+tab can show you your "list". Some .ini files require a key code to set the hot key to reset them.

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