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(Help Needed)How to add more skins instead of replacing (car skins) (ytd files)

  • How can you add more then just 2 livery in a pack insted of having to just replace them?

    Say for the Pounder trailer, someone creates redbull and monster, but you see coca cola and pepsi. How can you have all 4 skins insted of just the 2?
    someone uploaded a 24pack of skins but in each folder for the ytd files it only has 2 in each...so assuming you can only replace the skins in game, i would like to have a variety of see more then just 2 skins in the game, i wouldn't mind seeing all 24.

    Or can that option not happen? do i just have to keep replacing the 2 files for new skins or i there away i can ADD THEM ALL?

    Thanks in advance

  • This post is deleted!

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