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"You do not have enough reputation to...

  • ...to flag posts or upvote/downvote comments."

    When did this start happening and why? It's even worse when you can't report comments. Say someone was higher reputation and you were just at normal reputation, where you can vote comments and flag posts that you find spam or offensive, now imagine that every 2 weeks he downvotes your comment to the point where you can't flag or vote on posts yourself.

    Imagine a moderator, the douchiest, assholiest one of all, going into some options for your profile, and he decides to lower your reputation just to be an ass. (I've seen and heard of other forums that used to do this.)

    I've seen sites that don't have this reputation nonsense (they have thanks and smites, likes and dislikes, whichever.) and on other forums (I mean the ones that don't use this 'u do not haaf inugfff repewtashin' thing) I see less offensive comments getting posted because of how fast people can catch onto them. (unless the site is poorly ruled by unfit moderators, well, the rules are just rules that the small timers need to follow, until they come up with stupid bullshit about how "you need to be legendary and dank to be awesum like us.")

    And what if you need to report some trollish comments? I don't know if Rappo set this feature in himself or the programming for this site just came with it, but it seems like a mindless feature, really.

  • @krashadam I think you raise some very valid points and I also think that it would be best heard in the Site Feedback and Questions section, so I will move it there for you.

    One thing I will assure you of, is that moderators cannot control a user's reputation... I know I certainly don't have anything like that available. Can Rappo? Probably yes, but moderators can't and I certainly wouldn't, even if that option was there.

    If you do have a concern, you can always either tag Rappo directly, or you can use the Global-Moderators or administrators tags and that will flag everyone who is in those groups.

    I am sure that this will get picked up on and will get a response from rappo.

  • @LeeC2202 this feature is for the site's good. and no moderator can change your raputation. and anything a moderator does, the admins can see it. so rest assured, everything is not as bad as you might fear :slight_smile: . when an account accumulates certain points, it can dislike and like all it wants. its there to avoid, spams. i hope you can understand this.

  • @FoxtrotDelta But that doesn't avoid a troll-user that maliciously downvotes a user's posts to prevent them from interacting with the site.

    Any system that allows one user to dictate the actions of another user is not good for anyone, or any site. Being able to maliciously downvote someone is no different than someone falsely upvoting someone, except one makes the user look great, the other renders them inert as far as the site is concerned.

    The user who made this post has a reputation of just -2, which is a negligible negative amount, yet has obviously been affected enough by that insignificant amount, to have good reason to make this post. So this has nothing to do with how bad I might fear something is, it's about how a user is being prevented from interacting with features of the the site, and has valid reasons to ask the questions.

    Systems that affect spammers are one thing, systems that catch genuine users in the same net, is another thing altogether... I hope you can understand that.

  • @LeeC2202 yea. it has its down sides as well. better alternative would be to take away repatutation system all together.

  • @FoxtrotDelta said in "You do not have enough reputation to...:

    @LeeC2202 ...better alternative would be to take away repatutation system all together.

    Now that I can and do agree with! :slight_smile:

    I don't believe reputation has any place in a social construct, we are all equals and nothing should ever give users the power to elevate, or to devalue others. We all say things others might disagree with at times but we shouldn't be penalised/punished for that.

  • @LeeC2202 if it helps , which i think it does/will. i do support taking away raputation system.

  • @krashadam I've lowered the minimum reputation needed to report a post so you should be good to go. This was just set at the default value before, there was no thought put into its setting.

    As for removing reputation altogether - I think you guys are taking it way too seriously. If nobody wants it around, I can remove it, it's not a big deal to me. That said, if you stop reading into what reputation means and how it affects you, I think you won't even notice it anymore.

  • @rappo i understand, i support whatever, makes community members happy :) keeping it/ taking it away. its a community thing. not 2 or 3 people's opinion. im at the top of raputation tree. :) i can live with it. :P

  • @rappo said in "You do not have enough reputation to...:

    As for removing reputation altogether - I think you guys are taking it way too seriously. If nobody wants it around, I can remove it, it's not a big deal to me. That said, if you stop reading into what reputation means and how it affects you, I think you won't even notice it anymore.

    You obviously don't consider it as important as some of us and that makes me question how important we really are. By definition, reputation carries value and if it didn't, we wouldn't be here, in a question from someone who has been affected by it.

  • @LeeC2202 you do have a point, but it doesn't mean @rappo doesn't care. in my opinion. it simply means, as he said, he needs feedback from more members of community before he, makes a definitive decision, on the matter "Raputation System" .

    only yours and mine opinion cannot & does not reflect the Whole community. we shall know in time, there is nothing to be offended by @rappo 's comment.

  • @krashadam It's also worth noting, as was already stated by @LeeC2202, that there are childish adults who do abuse the system. HOWEVER, as @FoxtrotDelta also mentioned, the admins can see who downvoted posts as well. So if the feature is being exploited for no reason whatsoever by some no-lifer, just report it to an admin, who will make sure that the person responsible stops. This forum is lucky to have people who constantly monitor the site otherwise it would be total chaos. It should be noted that I have no opinion on the whole reputation system as long as it isn't abused and exploited. Remove it or don't, I really could care less.

  • An idea would be to implement a warning system for admins/mods. If someone does suspicious stuff like down voting a lot of posts in a certain amount of time, admins/mods should get a notification which tells them to check this user.

  • @Oskar as rappo said. You/People community members, can click on a post or report otherwise a user or comment if, they feel suspicious. there is report function all over the place. each post. topic. even main download page.

  • I've been working on and managing public sites, specifically in the GTA community which is often geared towards teenagers despite the mature rating, for too long to take things like forum reputation and even comments directed at me very personally. Just last week I got a lovely email from a banned member saying he'll kill me! I've seen it all :p

  • @rappo Well I'd love to see that email. :laughing:

  • @rappo Killing, just for being banned haan. teenagers.they are too emotional i guess.

  • @FoxtrotDelta yup. Emotionally compromised teenagers. Not just a stereotype.

  • I apologize for the late replies.

    @rappo I'm not saying you should remove it, but I'm saying that if it has some sort of wait time.

    @Oskar This would work too.

    @LeeC2202 Again, like I said, Rappo doesn't need to remove it, but if some sort of wait time were added, it would help.

    It should work this:

    Normal Reputation - Wait time is 2 weeks

    High Reputation - Wait time is still 2 weeks.

    Low reputation - You're obviously at low rep for some sort of reason (Did I mention the rep hands out the best excuse for someone to use it as an insult against you?) Wait time should be 3 weeks.

    The idea of this is to balance reputation, so more positive comments get posted, and then bullshit, trolly comments get reported and taken down, and less comments get downvoted. (It's likely the reputation thing ain't getting nerfed, so may as well try and do what you can't, and that's polish a turd.)

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